General Features

PTFE is the most widely used sleeving material. For special applications PP, PFA, FEP, STILL, sheathing with PVDF materials and chemical resistance coating is possible. PTFE products are sheathed.PTFE’s excellent temperature and the strength of steel with chemical resistance, they combine. The adhesion of the PTFE had no material, fouling and clogging the pipes while preventing, an insulating material formed of fine chemicals to freezing in pipes and will not be affected by external conditions. Master manufactured by Polymer, PTFE-jacketed products are working without problems for many years in many large industrial companies. Sheath polymer products produced by the Master makes deliveries subjected to electrical testing. It also gives importance to the packaging and shipment of all products. Therefore, the transport of products PTFE sleeve collar and sheathed products are not damaged during storage is covered with special cover. Foreign steel pipe, painted with protective paint.

Teflon® registered trademark of DuPont.