General Features

Casting polyamide, chemical structure as a cross-linked polyamide type with superior molecular structure. Aluminum, copper, bronze, steel , fiber , brass and other metals used in many environments where instead of these metals used by providing superior advantage. This is cheaper than metal , lighter, more durable and longer lasting. Casting polyamide, the cost of bronze 1/7 ” side , copper ‘s fifth and rice 1 /3 as. Food, pharmaceutical, textile, automotive , machinery , construction equipment , railways, mining, energy, which is one of plasticity used in almost all sectors, such as teak oil. High molecular weight hard to cross the molecular bond structure, high impact strength,this extremely resistant to abrasion and bending plastic, this type of fat known properties of the blood bladder to further increase, molybdenum additives such as graphite can be produced by joining in.


Bearings, gears, pulleys , rollers , rolling bearings, Miller, shafts, rolls, screws , impellers , seals, guide rollers, skids , wear plates, heavy machinery parts , Impact blocks, wheels , various machine parts.

Production Measurement