General Features

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic used in a wide variety of products. From the ethylene monomer to form the name, Polyethylene is produced using ethylene.Usually used as a short name for the plastic industry PE. High Density Polyethylene sheet next to the excellent processability (PE-HD / PE 300, PE 500, UHWP 1000), has high chemical resistance and from -50 to + 80°C temperature strength.
Polyethylene having a broad range of applications, meat-cutting machine in the food industry,Electricity, with extensive use of lightweight paper manufacturing and mold industry, It is a tough engineering plastic. Water-resistant and storage vessel is also used in the production of


Cutting plate in the food industry, industrial kitchen countertops and appliances   Protection bands in construction and vehicle Production of tanks and equipment in the chemical industry Water tanks, waste water treatment tanks Presses and hand-cut sheets in the shoe and leather industry Manufacture of doors and other parts in the cold room technology Sports facilities and similar structures in the toilet, shower compartments   Pool option, jumping platforms Boats, yachts and accessories Manhole covers and pipe flanges Playground equipment in parks and gardens The manufacture of parts can be obtained by Source orthopedic parts   Laboratory equipment

Production Measurement

Polyethylene Technical Data Sheet