General Features

The main aspects to be considered in the next step of the coating process to include; Anti-adhesion: easy to clean surface due to the structural feature, Low Coefficient of Friction: Pressure,rubbing speed and, depending on the type of Teflon used generally it has a coefficient of friction between 0.05 and 0.20. Provide dry lubrication. Wetting: Teflon-coated surfaces are unaffected by moisture, corrosion resistant, does not absorb moisture and so that is always clean and easily cleaned surfaces. High Temperature Resistance can operate between 180-315 C. Insulation: electrically nonconductive can be used as anti-static coating. Cons affected by Temperature: Seamlessly can work up to 270 C. And rust resistance against chemicals:Teflon does not undergo a chemical change against.Not affected by acid. Only alkaline metals and highly reactive fluorinated substances can damage the Teflon.


Application areas vary in Teflon coating and teflon coating products are encountered in all areas of our lives. Here Teflon coating applied fields; Pastry and Cake Molds, Baking Dish, Professional Cooking Group, Small Domestic Appliances, Energy and Construction, Automotive Industry, Medical Industry, Decorative Applications, White Goods, Defence, Aviation and Railway Industry, Other Industries.