General Features

Pom is also known as formaldehyde-based engineering plastic materials. Chemical name polyoxymethylene (POM) or polyacetal technical language is more known with the shape. Suitable for machining a material which is strong resistance. Solvents, petroleum products, oils and grease are fully resistant. POM features having feature and advantage metals. Elasticity, hardness, dimensional stability and elasticity, hardness, dimensional stability. POM ‘is made from components (-) 30 and (+) in a wide temperature range of 90 degrees, this rule protects the high rate even in moist environments in contact with solvents. Loads applied continuously, successive pulses or excellent resistance of the POM is notable in hot environments constantly rising and falling.


Bearings, gears, pulleys, rollers, rolling bearings, Miller, shafts, rolls, screws, impellers, seals, guide rollers, skids, wear plates, Impact blocks, wheels, various machine parts.

Production Measurement

POM (DELRİN) Technical Data Sheet